Services by eWarehousing

eWarehousing is the fulfillment specialist for webshops of all sizes. Our service includes the entire physical and administrative fulfillment for webshops. Our service consists the storing of goods, picking and packing of orders, shipping orders worldwide and handling returns. eWarehousing also provides customer service for all your clients questions by phone, mail or chat.

Storage of products

eWarehousing receives goods from suppliers all around the world. After checking and counting all incoming products, the goods will be sorted and stored in our bulk and pick warehouse.

Pick & pack orders

Webshop orders are placed throughout the day and night. These orders enter our system real-time and are directly fulfilled by our warehouse team, from early morning to late in the evening. Our employees will make sure that the orders will leave our warehouse as quickly as possible.

Shipping the packages

eWarehousing uses a range of different carriers to send out the packages to the end consumers. Packages are automatically logged in and provided with the correct label. Orders placed before 22:00 will be collected the same day and delivered the following day in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Also part of our services

The Contact Center

Our Customer Service team is ready to answer any question from your customers. By phone, mail or chat, the team is trained to help consumers quickly and professionally, and support your sales where required.

The Photostudio

In our special photo studio we can professionally photograph your products. As a result, new products are quickly available for online sales.